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We come from all over the world, understand flowers, love flowers, focus on flowers, with the world-class rose garden picking the fragrant flowers, weaving out of immortal love; with colorful silk fabric to create realistic simulation flowers, let People who love flowers can enjoy the beauty of all the time, but also to add a color to our lives. From the gift of friends to the flow of the world, louisgarden born for love, under the blooming allure bloom, is our ultimate pursuit of beauty; to pass the tone of luxury faith, is our eternal mission.

We are looking for those who have the same dream as us, if you are: creative florist, programming geek, excellent website product manager and planning promotion staff; please send your resume to admin@louisgarden.com
Louisgarden look forward to your joining.
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Shop manager

Shop Florist
Advanced Java Development Engineer
Senior Finance Manager
Shop manager
Job Responsibilities:
1, a comprehensive presided over the management of the shop, with the headquarters of the implementation of the marketing strategy;
2, responsible for the completion of the company issued sales plans and sales targets, and monthly sales analysis;
3, a comprehensive management of staff daily behavior norms, job performance evaluation and training guidance.
Quality requirements:
1, college education, under the age of 35 (conditions are particularly good can relax the age conditions), the female height of 1.60 meters above the male 1.70 meters above the image of good temperament;
2, 4 years or more terminal retail management, more than two years of high - end luxury counter manager management experience (flower shop, jewelry industry priority);
3, excellent team management, proficient in counter goods sales, inventory, sales statistics and other business work;
4, good organization and coordination skills, excellent language skills (fluent in Chinese and basic English level), implementation ability and learning ability.

Shop Florist
Job Responsibilities:
1, love fashion floral, and a higher perception, the color has unique insights and understanding;
2, familiar with the store flower product design, and skilled packaging skills;
3, the layout of the floral arrangements, as well as the quality of flowers good at controlling costs;
4, and constantly enhance their own business knowledge and ability, insight into fashion and fashion trends, creative design capabilities.
Quality requirements:
1, love the art of flowers, creative, more than 1 year relevant work experience;
2, focus on things, sincere and sincere, practical and stable, dedicated and passionate, with team awareness, responsibility and action;

3, familiar with the characteristics of various flowers and flowers, material.

Advanced Java Development Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1, to participate in the team agile process of improvement, and continuous improvement;
2, participate in project needs analysis and system design and architecture;
3, complete the functional module design, coding, testing and related documentation.
Quality requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above, 4 years working experience in development;
2, skilled JAVA language, and JEE related common open source framework, at least familiar with a database, skilled use of basic linux operation. Good communication skills;
3, with good communication skills and team spirit, a strong ability to analyze and solve problems; have a good psychological quality, able to withstand a certain degree of work

Senior Finance Manager (1 Recruitment)
Job Responsibilities:
1. To establish and improve the financial management system, the daily management of the financial sector, the annual budget, capital operation and other overall control;
2. Establish and maintain a good relationship with relevant intermediaries such as finance, taxation, banking, securities and other relevant government departments and accounting firms;
3. Daily financial accounting, accounting vouchers, cashier, tax audit;
4. Study and formulate accounting policies and operational guidance, adjust accounting standards;
5. Review the company's financial statements, check the associated transactions, consolidated statements and financial analysis;
6. Regular inspection of accounting policy implementation, strict control of operational risk, to solve problems;
7. Coordinate external audit, provide the necessary accounting information.
Quality requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance or related field;
2, a certified public accountant qualification is preferred;
3, 5 years of experience in financial management of large enterprise groups, with comprehensive financial professional knowledge, accounting treatment and management experience; proficient in national tax laws and regulations, with accounting project analysis and processing experience;
4, familiar with the financial accounting process, have the will to learn;
5, integrity, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous style, work carefully; have strong communication and coordination; a good discipline, teamwork and pioneering and innovative spirit;
6, have good communication and interpersonal skills, organizational coordination and pressure capacity.