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The first step: buy Browse / search for the goods you need, click "buy" to put into the shopping cart (shopping list page).

Step 2: Add to cart When you want to buy other items of interest, click on the "Continue picking items" in the shopping list or enter other pages, search for items to continue to buy.

Step 3: Login / Registration If you have not registered in the racket, please click on the new user registration page, only a few seconds, fill out the basic registration information, complete the registration, and then log on.

Step 4: Choose the payment method
1, by the following options to choose one of the payment: cash on delivery, post office payment, bank wire transfer, third-party online payment (according to your region can provide the way to choose);
2, invoice issued: If you do not need to invoice, you can skip this step; if you need an invoice, please tick and fill out the relevant content; Finally click "OK".

Step 5: Choose the delivery method, delivery time requirements
1, the following distribution: ordinary mail, ordinary courier, courier cash on delivery, expedited to send, come from the mention;
2, time requirements: weekdays, weekends and holidays can be delivered (please in the delivery time box to choose). If there is no one in the daytime, please contact customer service 800-8XXXX-30 special instructions to arrange other time delivery (Note: special arrangements may exceed the expected delivery days); if there are special instructions in the "special instructions" fill in. 3, and finally click "OK".

Step 6: Delivery Details
1, to confirm your fill in the delivery address, delivery methods, payment methods, if you need to modify, please click the appropriate "modify" button to modify. If there are special instructions, please fill in the "special instructions".
2, confirm the correct, click "confirm and submit orders".

Step 7: Build the order
Please remember the order number to inquire, and your post will receive an order confirmation letter.

Step 8: XXX network customer service personnel to verify the order
If there are special circumstances XXX network customer service staff to call you to verify the order, verify the product, confirm your receipt information.

Step 9: Delivery
Customer service staff to verify the order after XXXX network will be the same as possible, the next day delivery, customers can refer to the national arrival schedule to understand the arrival time.

Step 10: Acceptance of goods
When you receive the goods, please carefully check the type of goods you order, quantity, specifications and the corresponding gifts, qualified, please sign on the delivery note, the final payment. If you are not satisfied with our services and merchandise, you can reject the goods on the spot, do not open, damage the goods and packaging, and welcome you to call our debit phone, put forward your comments and suggestions to help us improve the quality of service , We will reply to you in the fastest time.